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Speedy Edie

A story about growing up in the Australian bush in the 1930s

Edie dreams of being the champion runner at the inter-school sports. Perhaps then the other children will like her. But her hopes are dashed when the big day doesn’t go to plan. A few days later, there is a wild storm and a giant tree topples down, crashing into the little bush schoolhouse and trapping everyone inside.

Their teacher is injured. What can they do?

Only Edie is small enough to climb through the window and run for help. Can she brave the storm and be a true champion?

Latest Release!

A warm-hearted story about family connections

A pearl button from Mama’s wedding glove starts Angelina’s yesterday collection. Soon everyone in her big multicultural family has a memory to share and a special keepsake to give her.

“What will you do with them?” asks Mama.

A school dress-up parade for Pioneers Day gives Angelina a wonderful idea of what to do with her yesterday things.



Parent Tamer by Author Teena Raffa-Mulligan

Reading Time on The Parent Trap

The humorous plot turns the tables on toddler taming, with the protagonist totally flabbergasted by his parents’ bad behaviour. But the sinister Vish adds another dimension and the mystery totally drew me in. Strap yourself in for a funny, fast paced adventure, full of twists and turns and dripping with suspense. An easy-to-read junior novel, recommended for primary aged students.

You Can be a Writer by Author Teena Raffa-Mulligan

Readilearn on You Can Be a Writer

Teena Raffa-Mulligan has explained the process of writing perfectly for young children and made it seem enticingly simple and exciting, inviting children to use their imaginations to embark on a writing adventure. I like that children can pick up this book and follow the instructions on their own. Each step is clearly explained with examples of questions writers ask themselves to move their stories along. It is also a useful tool for parents and teachers who wish to support children as writers, providing them with words to use and steps to follow.

BooksOnTour on Who Dresses God?

[A] delicate and sensitive story that gives young readers a solid understanding of this higher being that is God, and without any kind of religious preaching. Raffa-Mulligan certainly leaves her young audience with a heart-warming sense that having belief, hope and trust, loving and being loved transcend above any unanswered questions, for family and caring for our planet and everyone and everything in it are most important of all.

Mrs B’s Book Reviews on Friends

This delightful story is full of humour and sentiment. Travelling amongst the Australian bushland with the main character Koala, the reader is taken on a journey packed full of fun and mishaps. Each page links to the main theme of friendship, but also includes instances of acceptance, caring and sharing with others. Good times, hard times are represented in Friends, which is an accurate reflection of life and a valuable lesson for young children to learn.

Sandi Parsons, Goodreads review on Ben Bumblefoot

Teena Raffa-Mulligan is a master at creating fun and quirky chapter books for early readers and Ben Bumblefoot is no exception. [It] is a humorous early chapter book about friendship and finding your place. Young readers will both laugh with, and at, poor Ben in his quest.

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  • Meet the Author: Ky Garvey
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    Ky Garvey is a mother to two boys who are both diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Through her experiences with her boys, she has been inspired to write fun and engaging stories that turn challenges into triumphs. Ky aims to share supportive, inclusive and empowering stories for children. Ky also writes and hosts … Continue reading Meet the Author: Ky Garvey

  • Meet the Author: Tim Symonds
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    It’s relatively simple to continue typing words into a computer until you’ve got 50,000 or 60,000 words down but then commences the most important task in authorship, rewriting, honing the paragraphs until you’re completely satisfied. Tim Symonds Tim Symonds was born in London. He grew up in Somerset, Dorset and the British Crown Dependency of … Continue reading Meet the Author: Tim Symonds

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